As an Online Marketing & Branding Strategist, I help small business owners and entrepreneurs connect more powerfully and purposefully with their audience so they can bring their brilliance to life faster and with more impact and profit.


In Search of Online Marketing Sanity?

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You started your business to spend more time working on your passion, right? But maybe your passion isn't Facebook Retargeting, Target Audience Profiling, or Social Media Strategy... and that's ok!

In today's market, every small business needs a presence online... but it doesn't have to be complicated. I want to bring Marketing Sanity to your business so you can get back to doing what you do best... Just with more customers and clients waiting to work with you!



What? Not Everyone Geeks Out On Marketing?


You became an entrepreneur because you had a passion... and you wanted to turn that passion into thriving business. But now you're finding yourself watching more webinars on social media and marketing than working on your passion project.

Basically, you aren't spending your time on what lights you up. Instead you're overwhelmed by tech, platforms, strategy, tactics, branding, logos... the list goes on.

Fear not my friend, I DO geek out on marketing and I have no doubt we can get you back to doing what you love, with more people waiting in line to work with you! Let me help cut through the noise, create a plan of action and infuse Marketing Sanity back into your life.

Let me be your marketing geek... CLICK to learn more.